Spray Tanning

at bella rose beauty we use a spray tan solution that is made up of naturally derived ingredients. Paraben Free, Gluten Free and Formaldehyde Free. . 

frequently asked questions:

  • How should I prep my skin?  You should exfoliate 24 hours prior to the session. you should not exfoliate the day of as the product can create a barrier effecting the outcome of the tan. exfoliating is important so the skin can be a even canvas and will help the tan last longer. do not apply any perfumes,oils, lotions or deodorant to the skin the day of the tan as it can cause developmental issues.  Do not shower right before the session. Soaps, conditioner and shower products will leave an invisible film on the skin. showering right before will hydrate the skin which means that all the spray tan will not be absorbed.  

  • can you use soap? no, commercial bar soaps prior to the session or afterwards. especially dove soap. to obtain the best color and for it to last, a gentle body gel made for spray tanning or something free of sls or alcohols.  

  • can i shave or wax with a spray tan?  it is best to remove any hair at least 24 hours in advance to receiving your sunless tan.  hair removal too close to your appointment can cause product buildup in open pores which will look  patchy and like "dotted skin". wait 48 hours after your tan to shave or wax.

  • how long will the tan last?  the tan should last 4-9+ days. it will depend on your hormones, skin ph and how well you follow post tan care. it will also depend on your level of activity (sports, working out,etc) and how well you take care of the tan.  for best results it is recommended to use our aftercare products as they are formulated specifically to work the best with sunless tanning. A spray tan is affecting the outer layer of skin so anything you do that will exfoliate will result in a quicker fading. 

  • what should i wear?  wear something loose and preferably black afterwards. 


Full body $45