Spray Tanning

at bella rose beauty we use a spray tan solution that is made up of naturally derived ingredients certified vegan from the peta foundation. 

frequently asked questions:

  • why do spray tans turn orange?  everyone's skin tone is different, so a solution that works well on one person may not work well on another. it's recommended to choose a solution close to the client's natural skin tone. spraying a client with too dark of a solution can cause an orange hint because the contrast is too extreme. Also applying too many coats. 1-2 coats is all you need, anything more than that will turn orange. we use a spray gun that we can evenly distribute the solution to your skin, leaving you looking like you have a nice even tan. 

  • can i shave or wax with a spray tan?  it is best to remove any hair at least 24 hours in advance to receiving your sunless tan.  hair removal too close to your appointment can cause product buildup in open pores which will look  patchy and like "dotted skin". wait 48 hours after your tan to shave or wax.

  • should i use a tan extender for aftercare?  tan extenders are key to a long lasting tan. skin that is healthier and more moisturized will hold a tan longer due to less shedding of the skin. Tan extend also contains dha, which is a colorless active ingredient that merges with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a color change. 


tip: Exfoliate regularly (prior to tan) to achieve the ultimate sunless experience. 


Full body $40