Full Body Waxing

At Bella Rose Beauty, I use products that are at the top of the waxing industry. I use 3 different types of hard wax. AT each service I choose what wax to use based on your hair type and skin type.  Hard wax is used on 90% of services from Brazilian to Full Face. Hard wax is known to be more gentle on the skin and less painful.  When the wax dries on your skin, it grabs the hairs and releases from your skin causing less irritation.

I do carry soft wax for those clients that prefer it. I feel that soft wax is more suitable for leg waxing and it is known for getting all those fine hairs that are sometimes left behind.   

How to get a great wax- 

Best results are when hair has grown for 3-4 weeks prior to your wax service. Never shave or tweeze between appointments, this will throw off your hair growth pattern and take longer to achieve the smooth skin you are looking for. Exfoliate at least 3x a week in-between services; Dead skin build up will not allow your hair to pop through.  Use an ingrown hair treatment every day!!!  Based on your hair type and growth I will recommend the right time between each appointment (3-6 wks). Everyone is different and every service is different.

Bikini $30**   

Hair is removed outside the panty line, plus a little off the top, creating a clean natural shape. Hard wax is used

Hi-Bikini $45**

Hair is removed only from the front leaving a strip down the middle and a little in the lip area. Think of a thin strip from top to bottom. Hard wax is used.

Brazilian  $55** (First Time client $30)

hair is removed from the front to the back, including the inner butt cheeks.  You can leave a thin strip or triangle of hair in front or go completely bare. hard wax is used. A therapeutic mud will be applied to the skin after to help prevent in-growns, rashes and inflammation 

Full Butt  $20**

hair is removed from both butt cheeks and also the inner cheek area

Inner thigh  $20

Full Face  $55

includes eyebrows, lip, chin, cheeks, sideburns and nose 

Eyebrow Upkeep $20

Lip  $12 (FREE for first time client)*

Chin  $15

Cheeks  $12

Sideburns  $12

Neck  $12

Nose  $12 (free for fitst Time client)*

Underarms  $15 (FREE for first time client)*

Arm upper or lower  $25

Arm full  $45

Back Full  $50 

Back Upper  $30

Back Lower  $20 

Full chest  $30

stomach  $25

Leg Full $75

Leg upper or lower  $40

*First time client can choose only 1 service for their free service

**Services only offered to females at this time